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Add On Necklaces

Let your imagination go wild!

Mix, match, add on, change it around, wear it different ways.

Several necklaces in one.

These links are specific to the Add On Necklace only.

A good place to start is with a horsehair necklace. Single braid with sterling silver end caps and a clasp designed to allow easy add ons. 

The length is your choice. This model is wearing a 16 inch.

Click here for a guide to determining necklace length.

Add a pendant of your choice.

Add a strand of pearls.

-Irregularly shaped freshwater pearls (6-7mm) are hand knotted on silk thread. Finished off with a sterling  silver ring so adding and removing it to the "add on clasp" is easy.

-You may choose to add stone beads to the strand or choose all pearls.

-Choose your length, the pearl strand on the model is 9 1/2" inches long.

Add a strand of stone beads on hand forged sterling silver wire segments.

-Stone beads are offered in a variety of colors based on availability. (Check current availability here)

-Choose your length. The bead strand on the model is 7 1/4" long.

-The name tag is optional. It is a great way to add your name, or your horse's name to the necklace. This  name tag is 1/2"  long and will accomodate 3 letters. Longer name tags are available for longer names.

Add a sterling silver chain. 

-This delicate chain has 4.6mm oval links. Bolder chains are available too, email to inquire.

-Choose your length. The chain on the model is 8 3/4" long.

-The name tag mentioned above may be added to this chain as well. 

Mix it up, change it around. Use your imagination.

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