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-Can I send my own horsehair? Yes, I welcome you to send your own horsehair. Write "custom" on the order form in the space asking for hair color.


-Can mane hair be used? No, mane hair cannot be used for braiding. Even if it is long enough, the texture of mane hair is not appropriate for the type of braiding that I do. Only tail hair can be used.


-Can I order a gift certificate? Yes, simply write on the order form that you would like to order a gift certificate. Gift certificates can be purchased for a specific dollar amount or for a specific item. Please indicate who you would like the gift certificate made out to. You can also specify who you would like the gift certificate to be from. 


-How long does it take to get my completed order back? Turn around time depends on how many orders are in line when your order is received. It varies from 2-12 weeks. Christmas is the busiest time of the year. I recommend sending your Christmas orders in by early October. The deadline for guaranteed Christmas delivery is Oct 15. If you have a special ocassion that you need your item for, please indicate this on the order form.


-How much hair do I need to send for a custom order? This information can be found at this link, "Collecting Horsehair" .


-How long does the hair need to be? The hair the needs to be 15-18 inches long for a standard sized bracelet. For a necklace, the hair needs to be about twice the length of the finished piece. Short hair cannot be braided in with long hair. Exceptions: Bracelet style B-6 and Necklace style N-6 can accomodate shorter lengths as 2 braids can be joined under the wide center braid. For a key ring, 10 inches is required.


-How do I determine my bracelet size? This information can be found on the "Determining Your Size" link. Your order will not be processed without this information. I can not choose a size for you. To avoid delays in processing your order, please provide this information.


-How do I determine my necklace length? A picture guide of standard necklace lengths is available here. The hair supplied must be about twice the length of the desired necklace length, with the exception of style N-6


-How do I care for my horsehair jewelry? Instructions can be found at this link, "Caring for horsehair jewelry".






Frequently Asked Questions

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